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Retro Good Vibes

Retro Good Vibes

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Take a little trip back in time with our Retro Good Vibes Earrings. They're a funky little throwback to days of vinyl records and bright colours, all wrapped up in a neat wooden package. Each earring is laser-engraved and hand-painted with care to give you that groovy feeling any day of the week.

We've also thought about your comfort, crafting them with sterling silver studs or clip-ons that won't upset sensitive skin.

  • Be Personal - Wear a little reminder to keep the positivity flowing, no matter what the day brings.
  • Be Original - Stand out with an accessory that's as unique and uplifting as your own personal mantra.
  • Be Memorable - Spread the good vibes not just through your outlook but with your style as well.

Whether you're off to a festival or just cruising through your routine, these Retro Good Vibes Earrings are here to make a statement that's all about peace, love, and great music.

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