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Custom D&D Tabletop Coasters

Custom D&D Tabletop Coasters

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Looking to give the ultimate table-side gift to protect your gaming table from your party spilling ale on it?  Get custom made Party Character Stats Coasters!  Great for celebrating levelling milestones, or to reminder a fallen hero.  Or if you have just finished a campaign, immortalise your party forever in wood! 

How does it work?

Send us your parties' stats in a doc/pdf/text file, or link us to an online doc or even your DNDBeyond Characters.  We'll take those stats and create custom coasters using them!

Be Personal There is something truly special about having your drink sitting on top of your your custom made coaster.
Be Original With a custom design, you know that this gift is a one-of-a-kind gift that leaves an impression!
Be Memorable Every drink is a happy memory.

All our wood products come varnished, and treated so that they are long lasting and drink-spillage resilient. Because this is a natural wood product, sizes and grains of the wood will vary.  By extension the engravings will vary as well.

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