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Custom Plant Tags/Flags

Custom Plant Tags/Flags

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Custom Made-to-Order Plant Tags/Flags - You name it, and we'll make it!

Where do you find a plant tag for Goji Berry, Saffron, Lamb's Ear, Fairywand, and other rare and exotic plants and herbs?  From us!  These plant tags (also known as plant flags, or plant labels) are printed on demand, and with whatever text you need.  This means we have a plant tag for EVERY plant out there!  We even have one for 'Unknown'..  admit it...  you'll need that one!

Why are we making these tags? It fits our company ethos!

Be Personal Not everyone's gardens or potted plants are the same.  Get the tags that match your own growing needs.
Be Original You won't find plant tags like this just anywhere!  Show off your uniqueness in your garden!
Be Memorable As a gift, these are an amazing reminder to the receiver about how much you care for them every time they look at their pots and garden.

 PLEASE NOTE:  Although we can print in a variety of colours, to keep costs down we usually print in a silver, red, or purple.  If there is a specific colour you are after, please get in touch before placing your order.  We will make sure to print all your tags in the SAME colour though, so you do not have to worry about them not matching!

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