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Bunny Sign

Bunny Sign

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Like this cute little Bunny? Who wouldn't! We created this for all those bunny loving fans out there and you won't be disappointed!

Our huge range of name signs are great for going on your Kid's Doors or Walls, and you get to customize the name/word to fit each person.  They are great for Kids of all ages!

THESE ARE LITE!  A little Blu Tack/Press-Stick is enough to mount these on smooth doors.

Our Single Colour range are the staple 'go-to' for Name Signs, and come in a much bigger range of colours than the other versions.

Want to add something a little more special?  How about a Glow-in-the-Dark version?   They look great during the day, and then at night they 'come alive'!  Glowing signs not quite what you are after?  Why not give it a premium Silk look?  The Silk PLA we use gives the signs a silky smooth and shiny look, shifting in style as you move.

Environmentally friendly, the signs are printed using a Biodegradable Plastic called Polylactic acid (or 'PLA') which is made from plant starches such as corn, cassava, sugarcane or sugar beet pulp. 

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