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Most kids love to dig in the dirt and if you already have a Digger themed bedroom, or your room is under construction, this would be a great addition.

Our huge range of name signs are great for going on your Kid's Doors or Walls, and you get to customize the name/word to fit each person.  They are great for Kids of all ages!

THESE ARE LITE!  A little Blu Tack/Press-Stick is enough to mount these on smooth doors.

Our Single Colour range are the staple 'go-to' for Name Signs, and come in a much bigger range of colours than the other versions.

Want to add something a little more special?  How about a Glow-in-the-Dark version?   They look great during the day, and then at night they 'come alive'!  Glowing signs not quite what you are after?  Why not give it a premium Silk look?  The Silk PLA we use gives the signs a silky smooth and shiny look, shifting in style as you move.

Environmentally friendly, the signs are printed using a Biodegradable Plastic called Polylactic acid (or 'PLA') which is made from plant starches such as corn, cassava, sugarcane or sugar beet pulp. 

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