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Layered Love

Layered Love

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Capture the romance of bygone days with our Layered Love Earrings, each set intimately hand-painted and laser-engraved to symbolise the depth and layers of love. These heartfelt accessories feature concentric hearts in shades of pink, cradled within a loving embrace of natural warmth.

And if you've got sensitive skin, no need to worry. We've fixed them up with sterling silver, available in both studs and clip-ons, so you can rock these cuties all day long without a hitch.

  • Be Personal - Adorn your ears with the art of affection, a token from my hands to yours.
  • Be Original - Cherish a piece of craftsmanship that paints love's complexity in a stroke of simplicity.
  • Be Memorable - Present a unique keepsake that holds the promise of love's enduring nature.

Whether it’s a treat for yourself or a gesture for a loved one, our Layered Love Earrings are a small but powerful emblem of affection, ready to be cherished.

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