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Mushroom Sanctuary

Mushroom Sanctuary

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Looking for how to press flowers?  Start with a custom designed flower press.  We trialed a few design variations and have settled on the version you see now.  The wood is strong, but still lightweight, and CNC machined with rounded corners.  We wanted to include cardboard and canvas paper as well. The Canvas Paper for helping absorb the remaining moisture of the flowers better, helping  preserve the vivid colours, and speed up the pressing time.  The Cardboard to allow pressing of multiple layers of flowers at the same time without them damaging each other.  So we have precision laser cut both of these to fit seamlessly into the flower press.  We opted for steel bolts and wingnuts for strength, and easy tightening even for small hands.  For a personal touch, we have a number of laser engraved original designs by Collean Jurgensen that you can choose from, and add custom text/name to.  You can take it a step further and engrave a message on the back as well.  

These Flower Presses really encompass what we are all about:

Be Personal Add the name of the special person to the front so they know that this is THEIR personal flower press.  
Be Original Flower presses used to be all the rage, but these days you'll come across many people that don't even know what they are!
Be Memorable Collecting & pressing flowers lets you capture memories of beautiful and happy days past.  And engraving a personal message on the back makes it a truly precious keepsake for life.

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