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Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields

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Oh, take a peek at these Strawberry Fields Earrings! They're a little burst of summertime, no matter the weather. Handcrafted from wood with a laser's precision, each strawberry is a sweet slice of nature's treats, ripe and ready to dangle delightfully from your ears.

Hand-painted with care, the reds are just the right shade of 'please take a bite', while the greens are as fresh as a wander through the garden. And we can't forget about comfort – these are finished with sterling silver for sensitive skin types, whether you're a stud or a clip-on kind of gal.

  • Be Personal - Feel like you're carrying a piece of a sun-kissed patch wherever you wander.
  • Be Original - Stand out with these juicy little gems; they're a fresh take on nature's candy.
  • Be Memorable - Leave a sweet impression that, just like the best strawberries, lingers delightfully.

For a picnic, a party, or just to brighten up the grocery run, these Strawberry Fields Earrings are a charming pick-me-up!

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