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Bunny Bow Festive Studs - Purple Bow

Bunny Bow Festive Studs - Purple Bow

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Celebrate the charm of festivities with our Bunny Bow Festive Studs (Purple Bow Edition), the essential accessory to add a touch of playful personality to your attire. These wooden laser-engraved studs, featuring an adorable Easter Bunny with a purple bow, are a subtle nod to festive traditions.

Every earring is diligently hand-painted, ensuring a personal touch with a hint of individuality. Designed for comfort, the sterling silver backings are considerate to those with sensitive ears, allowing for extended wear during family gatherings or celebratory events.

Be Personal - Embrace the festivity with earrings that reflect your fondness for holiday traditions.
Be Original - Stand out in any gathering with earrings hand-painted with meticulous care.
Be Memorable - Let these earrings be a token of cherished celebrations.

Accentuate your festive look with our Lavender Bow Bunny Earrings, a splash of colour and cheer for any celebratory ensemble!

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