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Carrot Harvest

Carrot Harvest

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Welcome to the quaint charm of the garden with our Carrot Harvest Earrings. With each piece laser engraved and cut from wood, these hand-painted earrings echoing the vibrant life of a carrot pulled from rich soil. For those with sensitive skin, the studs are sterling silver to ensure a comfortable embrace.

Capturing the simple pleasure of a carrot's journey from earth to table, these charms are not just accessories but storytellers of the soil's saga. Perfect for those who revel in the joys of the garden or cherish the organic simplicity of vegetables in their natural form.

  • Be Personal - Embrace the garden's simplicity on your ears.
  • Be Original - Celebrate the unique artistry of hand-painted care.
  • Be MemorableLet your choice in accessories reflect a story of growth and nurture.

With Carrot Harvest, accessorise with the love of nature and the pride of cultivation.

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