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Blueberry Cluster

Blueberry Cluster

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Our Blueberry Cluster Earrings are a sweet little treat for your ears, capturing the essence of those sunny days spent berry picking. These wooden, laser-engraved gems are meticulously hand-painted to showcase the delightful deep blues and fresh greens of ripe blueberries, looking almost good enough to eat!

They're finished with sterling silver studs or clip-ons, so everyone, even those of us with sensitive skin, can wear them without a second thought.

  • Be Personal - Carry a piece of summer's bounty with you, adding a playful splash of colour to your daily outfits.
  • Be Original - Make a statement with these unique earrings, a tasteful accessory that's out of the ordinary.
  • Be Memorable - Let these earrings spark conversations and bring a smile to those around you, brightening up any occasion.

Whether it’s a brunch with mates or a simple day out, these Bountiful Blueberry Earrings are sure to add a pinch of sweetness to your look.

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