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Anzac Poppy

Anzac Poppy

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Embrace the spirit of remembrance with our Anzac Poppy Engraved Earrings, a symbol that resonates with significance and grace. Created to mark the solemnity of Anzac Day, these earrings are more than just accessories—they're a tribute to the enduring spirit of those we commemorate.

Laser engraved with precision and hand painted with a tender touch, the rich red hue of the poppy blooms against the natural backdrop, offering a vivid reminder of resilience and renewal. Ideal for any event, they're a versatile tribute that complements any attire, ensuring that the memory of Anzac Day is carried with you in elegance and pride.

Understanding the importance of comfort, particularly for those with delicate skin, we've crafted these earrings with the finest sterling silver. Available as both studs and clip-ons, they provide a gentle embrace for your ears, allowing you to wear them your way, with comfort that lasts all day.

  • Be Personal - Wear a symbol of remembrance and show your personal connection to Anzac Day.
  • Be Original - Celebrate with a handcrafted design that’s as individual as the stories we remember.
  • Be Memorable - Make a lasting statement on any occasion with a piece that speaks of history and heroism.

Choose our Anzac Poppy Engraved Earrings to carry forward the legacy of the Anzacs with poise and pride.

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